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Over the years, we’ve accumulated a lot of educational and supporting material in the fields of real estate finance. Some of this material is listed below.

Everything on this page is available for download. If you like what you see, and you want to see more, let us know.

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Videos of Excel

Videos from Real Estate Finance classes at Columbia University

In 2010, I recorded all of my lectures for my Real Estate Finance I and III class. While the video quality isn’t great, the audio is pretty good. I did not record Real Estate Finance II due to copyright issues.

The supporting materials for these videos have been updated, and will be posted on this web site.

Videos from Real Estate Finance I, 2010, Columbia University, MS in Real Estate Development program

Playlist for Entire Semester

Videos from Real Estate Finance III, 2010, Columbia University, MS in Real Estate Development program

Playlist for Entire Semester

Videos on Specific Financial Concepts

Unleveraged vs. Leveraged Discount Rates 

Cap Rates and the Three Major Factors

Argus DCF to Argus Enterprise? Convert Now or Later? 

Discount Rate and Real Estate

Top 10 Questions that Students Ask in the Excel for Real Estate Analysis class

1. Why did you start teaching this class?
2. Why does someone seek to take an Excel modeling class?
3, What can one realistically expect to get out of your class, or for that matter, any similar class?
4. What are the greatest skill deficiencies that you see in the industry in regards to financial modeling skills?
5. What books do you like on the subject of real estate finance? Why?
6. If I want to get better at building financial models, what should I do?
7. What are the most challenging things to model and why?
8. How do you verify or research your assumptions?
9. Do you offer any pre-recorded or online options?
10. What’s the best way to prepare for an excel-based interview case study test?

Excel Spreadsheets

Financial Concepts

Time Value of Money
Full, Partial, IO, and Negative Amortization


Code Snippets