In-House Training

For over a decade, we have provided customized training classes for corporations and universities throughout the world.

While best known for our Excel for Real Estate Analysis class, we have also taught Argus and negotiation classes for a wide range of clients.

We have standard one or two day classes on these topics that we can schedule and deliver with little notice at your offices or at a conference center near your location. We can also customize classes for your specific needs.


ARGUS Training

“Ever since my Analyst took your class, he’s a modeling machine.” – Acquisitions EVP at a REIT

Kahr is a leading provider of ARGUS training services nationwide. ARGUS is the industry standard tool for cash flow projections for commercial real estate. Our course consists of lecture format, case studies, and classroom discussion in a collaborative environment. The class combines both financial theory and practical real world examples so all attendees will benefit from the class regardless of their individual backgrounds. By the end of the class, attendees will have a firm understanding of how to use the software and will be well prepared to analyze real estate in a high production environment.

By the end of the class, you will know how to do the following:

  • Build ARGUS financial models using nothing more than a few assumptions
  • Edit and audit existing models for errors and unreasonable assumptions
  • Determine an appropriate purchase price and leverage based on desired rates of return and risk tolerance
  • Build detailed cash flow projections, sources and uses schedules, and other financial reporting tools such as discounted cash flow analysis (Net Present Value and IRR)
  • Estimate future sale prices based on cash flow and other approaches
  • Account for the impact of debt financing, taxes, and depreciation
  • Model complex partnerships and determine the returns to each investor
  • Develop detailed construction budgets for development projects
  • Build advanced mortgages such as construction and participating mortgages
  • Understand how to use ARGUS to model all property types (office, industrial, retail, residential, and hotel)
  • Run advanced scenario and sensitivity analyses on individual properties and portfolios
  • Export all data and reports to customized reports in Excel

The class was designed by Joshua Kahr, founder and principal of Kahr. Mr. Kahr is internationally recognized as an expert in real estate financial modeling using both Argus and Excel. For over a decade, he has taught his Argus training class for leading institutions including commercial banks, investment banks, private real estate investment firms, REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), business schools, developers, and government agencies. Classes are personally taught by Mr. Kahr.

Training is available on both legacy products (Argus version 15) and the newer version of Argus, “Argus Enterprise”. We can easily customize a class to fit your organization specific needs. All attendees receive a copy of “Kahr’s Guide to Argus” – this is the definitive guide on how to use Argus effectively.

At this time, the class is only available for corporations and universities. We do not run the class in an “open enrollment” format as of 2015.


Excel for Real Estate Analysis

This class is substantially similar to the class that we offer on a regular basis to the public in New York City and other locations. There are three fundamental differences between our public open enrollment class and the one that we deliver to corporations and universities.

  1. We will come to you. Over the past decade, we have delivered our training classes in over 30 cities in the United States and in international locations that include Hong Kong, Tokyo,Singapore, London, Mexico City, Dubai, and other major financial hubs.
  2. We can customize the class for your needs. Have a room full of junior analysts? We can get them up to speed. What about a couple of highly trained former big name PE Associates? We can fine tune them. We have taught up and down the spectrum of skills and experiences.
  3. We can vary the amount of material that we can cover and when we cover it. The standard class is two days. We can shorten it to one day or extend it to three days. While we normally do weekdays, weekends are also possible.

Want to discuss your options? Contact us, and tell us what your needs are. The odds are that we can probably do it, and since we’ve probably done it before, we can deliver a quality product for a cost effective price.

To read more about our “standard” Excel for Real Estate Analysis class, click here or navigate to it from the menu on the top of the page.