While we’re best known for real estate finance training, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have other interests.

In specific, I’m also on the board of Bear State Coffee, a boutique coffee-delivered-to-your-door company that is based in California and that was started by a former student of mine at Columbia.

For me, it’s been very educational to try and understand a business that is outside of my day to day operations. It’s also nice as I love coffee, and it’s good to work with people you like regardless of what industry it may be in.

If you have a free moment, check it out. It’s a great little business, and it’s definitely a change of pace if you’re looking to send a nice gift. People generally like fresh coffee more than fruit baskets.

Also, the company is currently in capital raising mode. If you’d like to look at it as a potential investment, check out the flashfunders page.

– Josh